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Aug 20 08 7:04 AM

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Aug 24 08 2:23 AM

project sanskrit!!
hello friends,
before i start serious blogging...i would like to tell something about myself and intoduce myself.i am sunanda pursing my post-graduation from iiit-b.
now coming to the basic thing of me joining this forum is very simple as i am in this particular project called CHITRAKAVYA,which is related to natural language processing,combinatorics,ocr,n basically sanskrit itself involved in the whole project.
now the very basic question to be answered is that why this project when there are many other projects??
the answer is not all that simple as it seems to be...a lot of thinking involved before coming to a conclusion about choosing the project...
the first reason being an indian and doing something for the culture.
the second being the vastness of the project and the scope of learning something new which adds to many dimensions of reasoning about choosing the project.

this was an intro blog...more will be added as we proceed with the project.

i know that i'm intelligent beacuse i know nothing!

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Sep 19 09 12:34 PM

R u still active Sunanda? I am from IIT KGP and starting a project of my own . I want members, who r either good in Sanskrit or some system programming....
Thanks! reply to prash.kind(.A<code/>T.)g.m.a.i.l
(email id protected for spam)

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