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Mar 21 09 2:59 PM

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I am confused about how to write shanti in Sanskrit.

Is it शान्ति


Is it शांतिः

Any help would be so appreciated, I have been struggling with understanding this for a long time.

Thank you and peace be to all,

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Sep 5 09 2:41 AM

Hi Golden!Both the ways are correct,but without the final "-H" in the second of the two You mentioned.The "-H" is something that changes the "shanti"word into its form that means "of peace","-H"-means"of".Now,both the words are correct since "shaa.m" and "ti",being SEPARATE words,go together into ONE word after passing the SANDHI process,You can read about it ,its a known stuff.If separate,the words are: "shaa.m" & "ti".If joined into one word,the junction reads as "shaanti".Such are the rules of SANDHI,the process,reminding chemical reaction between water & iron."water"+"iron"="rust",just so exactly: "shaa.m"+ "ti"="shaanti".Look,I study the topic myself,I need info like the one I give You.If finding similar to mine here recepies,please please-email me.I could help You too.My Email:""Dima


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